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E.L. Haynes ProgramAt the core of E.L. Haynes' program is the unwavering belief that every child is capable of reaching high levels of academic achievement. We use proven programs, curricula and techniques, and we evaluate and adapt them to work best for our students. Five key program elements set E.L. Haynes apart:

Pre-K through Grade 12 Program
E.L. Haynes comprises three schools: An elementary school serving students in pre-school through grade five; a middle school serving students in grades six through eight; and a high school growing to serve students in grades nine through twelve. By nurturing our students for up to 15 years, we can deliver our promise of college readiness for every student by graduation.

Year Round Programs
E.L. Haynes is the only public school in Washington, DC, to use a year-round calendar, eliminating the long summer breaks that typically result in learning loss. We offer programming before school, after school and during breaks. Our year-round programs provide students with 1,000 additional hours beyond the 1,200-hour school year. All of our extended day and intersession programming is offered free of charge to students who qualify for free- or reduced-price lunch.

Data Driven Instruction
At E.L. Haynes, we evaluate our educational practices based on their impact on student learning. Students are assessed in a myriad of formal and informal ways to measure their mastery of standards. Data gathered through assessments has a direct impact on instruction. The result is targeted instruction and strong student achievement. We attribute our outstanding student achievement gains in large part to this "data-into-action" approach.

College-Bound Curriculum
E.L. Haynes offers a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students for success in the college of his or her choice. As a STEM-enhanced school (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), E.L. Haynes stresses the importance of scientific thinking. Students in all grades study life, earth and physical science throughout the year, developing both scientific content knowledge and an understanding of scientific processes. Our high school program offers high-level physics, AP biology, AP chemistry, AP environmental science, video game design and computer programming courses. Click the following links for an overview of our Elementary, Middle and High School curriculum.

Race and Equity
At E.L. Haynes, we look very purposefully at race and its impact on education. In 2009, we initiated a series of intensive staff Race and Equity in Education Seminars to combat the assumptions and prejudices we all carry. Through this important work, we are able to look outward at our school and our students to ensure that every practice at E.L. Haynes - from how we teach to how we hire staff to how we celebrate holidays - supports every student.









ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (grades PK-4) | 4501 Kansas Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20011 | (202) 706-5828

MIDDLE SCHOOL (grades 5-8) | 3600 Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20010 | (202) 667-4446

HIGH SCHOOL (grades 9-12) | 4501 Kansas Avenue NW Washington, DC 20011 | (202) 706-5838

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