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Elementary School

E.L. Haynes' curriculum is founded in best practices from the highest-performing schools across the country. Our academic curriculum is designed to ensure that every student reaches high levels of academic achievement, and our social curriculum assists students in fulfilling our school promise to Be Kind, Work Hard and Get Smart. Below is an overview of our curriculum.

Children learn to read and write when given a wide variety of real-life experiences appropriate to their skill level. In reading and writing workshop, students receive daily opportunities to practice reading and writing with varying levels of support and scaffolding through small group and individualized instruction.

The K-5 math curriculum is based on Common Core State Standards, providing students with a foundation in whole numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and decimals. The core resource in grades K-5 is Singapore Math, which emphasizes the development of conceptual understanding prior to the teaching of procedures. A powerful, hands-on, visual approach is used to introduce concepts, which at the core include strong number sense, place value, and problem solving.

Students in all grade levels study science throughout the year. The FOSS (Full Option Science System) science units are the basis for much of our science instruction. FOSS is an inquiry-based program that provides students with hands-on opportunities to engage in authentic scientific inquiry that require increasingly complex cognitive skills.

Social Studies
E.L. Haynes’ social studies instruction is integrated into the balanced literacy framework. Through individual and group projects, shared reading, read-alouds, and topic-specific independent reading and writing, students develop social studies knowledge and skills as they develop as readers and writers.

Learning Expeditions
At least once a year each class at E.L. Haynes embarks on a learning expedition in order to tackle science and social studies concepts or topics more deeply. Expeditions are long-term investigations of important real-life problems and questions. They include individual and group projects, field studies, and performances and presentations of high-quality student work.

Social Development
E.L. Haynes’ social curriculum is based on two nationally-recognized programs: Responsive Classroom and Second Steps. Our social curriculum is designed to help students learn to respect themselves, others, and their materials; to solve conflicts peacefully; and to develop social skills that allow them to work independently, in small groups, and as a whole class.









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