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Middle School


Our curriculum provides students with a hands-on approach to science with a variety of investigations while encouraging students to demonstrate their understanding of scientific topics through problem-based learning. Problem-based learning and an expeditionary culminating project allows students to connect what they have learned in science to real-world problems and then work collaboratively toward a resolution. 6th graders will explore scientific concepts of cells, perception, energy, and climate change. 7th graders will explore genetics, natural disasters, human impact, atoms, electricity, and energy. 8th graders will explore planetary science, chemistry, matter, reactions, motion, and the human body.


Our mathematics curriculum pushes students to communicate their mathematical thinking and persevere through problem solving. 6th grade math instruction will focus on ratios and rates, fractions, expressions and equations, and statistical thinking. 7th grade math will focus on rational numbers, proportions, and percents, with the goal of preparing students for Algebra. 8th graders study liner functions, equations and systems; explore negative integer exponents and irrational numbers; and deepen their understanding of geometric concepts through transformations as they investigate congruence and similarity.


Our humanities curriculum teaches students how to conduct research and convey information in a thoughtful way. Each year concludes with a problem/solution-based examination of a historical social justice issue. In 6th grade, students will study world cultures, history, and geography, focusing on Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. 7th graders will improve research and writing skills as they learn about the ancient world spanning from the most recent Ice Age to the beginning of colonization, focusing on origins of humanity, ancient Greece, early river civilizations, Africa and colonization. 8th graders will develop their critical thinking, research, and study skills as they explore United States history from America’s colonial heritage to the 2012 presidential election.


Our literacy curriculum centers on Reading and Writing Workshop, a method that allows students to read books that interest them at the right level. In addition to reading novels at their own reading level, students will participate in small group book clubs and will engage in exploring grade level literature as a class. Students will learn not just how to comprehend a text, but also how to unpack the text, search for subtext, and develop their ideas about a text in writing and in class discussions. Each student is expected to read 4,000 by June and demonstrate a year’s worth of growth. 6th graders will explore character trait, theme, figurative language, and personal narratives. 7th graders will build on these concepts and add myths/fables and poetry. 8th graders will add symbolism, media non-fiction, and setting.

World Language

In Middle School, students are exposed to the culture, language, and traditions of Spanish and Arabic speaking countries. In addition, students are taught to demonstrate mastery in reading, writing, and listening.


During each of the four quarters, Middle School students may choose two different electives from a variety of extracurricular activities, including music, robotics, art, health, rhythm, fitness, and drama.







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