Every E.L. Haynes student of every race, socioeconomic status and home language will reach high levels of academic achievement and be prepared to succeed at the college of his or her choice. Every E. L. Haynes student will be adept at mathematical reasoning, will use scientific methods effectively to frame and solve problems, and will develop the lifelong skills needed to be a successful individual, an active community member, and a responsible citizen.




E.L. Haynes will be a model of educational excellence and make a lasting impact on urban education in Washington, DC and across the nation.


At E.L. Haynes, our diversity is our greatest strength. Every member of our community strives to act with urgency to build a just and equitable school and city.

Our nation’s history of racial, economic, and social injustice lives on in today’s education systems. We believe that our most significant contribution to ending systemic injustice is through purposefully empowering our diverse community—as individuals and as a collective—with the skills and the conviction to be effective leaders for equity.

Our mission of student success is inextricably linked with our commitment to equity and the daily efforts of every member of our community to Be Kind, Work Hard,
and Get Smart.

Be Kind.
We build meaningful relationships across our similarities and differences—affirming and celebrating every member of our community.

Work Hard.
We challenge ourselves and each other to interrupt inequities and build equitable alternatives.

Get Smart.
We hold ourselves and each other to high standards, knowing that our paths to achieve them will vary. We reflect on our experiences and learn from our mistakes.




E.L. Haynes Public Charter School is an award-winning Pre-K-12th grade school named for Dr. Euphemia Lofton Haynes, the first African-American woman to receive a doctorate in mathematics and a DCPS teacher for nearly 50 years. E.L. Haynes was founded in 2004 by Jennifer C. Niles. From our humble beginnings above a CVS drugstore serving 139 students in grades Pre-K-2, E.L. Haynes has grown steadily and strategically. We now serve nearly 10 times as many students in grades Pre-K through 12. We have developed three beautiful facilities across two campuses in the Columbia Heights and Petworth neighborhoods of Washington, DC. Over the years, E.L. Haynes has become nationally recognized and is the recipient of numerous awards, accolades, and visits from state and foreign dignitaries. In 2015, we celebrated our first high school graduation.




In April 2015, the E.L. Haynes Board of Trustees approved VISION 2020, a comprehensive five-year strategic plan to guide how we deepen and accelerate our impact. This document recommits to our core mission and establishes three student outcome goals for 2020 that stem directly from the mission:


All E.L. Haynes students will become successful individuals, active community members, and responsible citizens.

All E.L. Haynes students will graduate prepared to succeed in college.

All E.L. Haynes students will be adept at mathematical reasoning and use scientific methods effectively to frame and solve problems.


We will measure our progress against these goals by a series of targeted metrics in four key areas: academics, behavior/culture, lifelong success, and management.


To see highlights from Vision 2020: Our Five-Year Strategic Plan, click here.