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Carolyn Frezzell

Operations Manager

Carolyn Frezzell, High School Operations Manager, started in education in 2014 while working at Options Public Charter School. In 2015, Ms. Frezzell became the Program Coordinator at Kingsman Academy Public Charter School, and while there, started Girl Code Mentoring, which empowers at-risk teenage girls within the urban community to make positive life choices that will enable them to maximize their potential. She has continued this work at E.L. Haynes. Ms. Frezzell joined E.L. Haynes in September of 2016, as the High School Operations Manager. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and a Master’s Degree in Business with a minor in Accounting from Strayer University. She is committed to being an advocate for the youth and creating a dynamic and inclusive culture here at E.L. Haynes.

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