All student-athletes ages 12 and older must be fully vaccinated by December 13, 2021 to participate in school-based extracurricular athletics. To learn more, click here.
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Enjoli Gonzalez

Assistant Principal

Enjoli Gonzalez, Assistant Principal, began her teaching career in Rochester, New York, working with students who displayed difficulties with Executive Functioning in grades 1-9. She transitioned to the DMV area in 2012. At that time, Miss Gonzalez served as a Special Educator and IEP Chair in Prince George’s County Public Schools, working with students in the Severe and Profound Handicap program as well as the comprehensive Special Education program in Prince George’s County southern tier. In 2017, Miss Gonzalez transitioned to working with students in Washington, DC, initially as a Special Education Coordinator and then a high school Assistant Principal. Miss Gonzalez has a Master’s of Special Education from St. John Fisher College (Rochester, New York). She is proud and humbled to be a member of the E.L. Haynes learning community!

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