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Audi Field – Class of 2021 Graduation Tickets FAQ


Audi Field is a Mobile Only Venue. To gain entry to the venue you must do so via your mobile device. For information on how to manage your ticket inventory, and how guests without a smartphone will be able to enter, please read below. 

How do I access my ticket(s)?

  • Visit https://am.ticketmaster.com/audifield/my-events from your computer, tablet or mobile device and log in with your Ticketmaster email address and password. You must log in with the same email address you used to create your Graduation Ticket account. Graduates will input their E.L. Haynes email.  If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot Password?”. Once logged into your account, tap the event tile for your graduation ceremony.

How do I transfer my ticket(s)?

  • Once you log into your account and select your graduation ceremony, you will see the option to transfer your guest tickets. Please note that tickets for the graduates themselves will not be transferrable, but the tickets for guests are. To transfer, simply click “transfer” and enter the first name, last name, and email address of who the ticket should go to. 

Transfer Via Desktop:

Transfer via Mobile:

Transfer sounds tricky, can I just screenshot my tickets and text them to my guests?

  • No. Audi Field utilizes SafeTix, or Rotating Barcodes, with their mobile tickets, meaning the barcode changes every 15 seconds. The barcode that you screenshot today will not be valid for entry on the day of the event, and your guest will be denied entry into the venue.

What happens when I transfer my ticket? 

  • Once you enter your guests first name, last name and email address they will receive an email saying tickets have been sent to them, and they’ll be asked to follow the steps in the email to claim. Once they claim their ticket, it will move off of your account and on to theirs. Should your guests have problems accessing their tickets on the day of the event, if they come to the Services window with a photo ID that matches the name on their ticket account, we will be able to help them get access to the venue. Only guests with tickets in their name will be permitted access to the venue. If you choose to send your tickets to “John Doe”, and then “Peter Smith” comes to the window saying “I was just told to show up and you can help me”, Peter Smith will be denied entry to the venue. When you transfer tickets, you are letting us know who you want to attend the ceremony; only those names will be granted access.

Will the person I transfer a ticket to need an Audi Field Account? 

  • Yes, in order to accept the ticket transfer your guest must log into their Audi Field Account. If they do not have an account, they can create one using their email address and a password of their choosing. 

One of my guests does not have a smart phone, how will they be able to enter the venue? 

Will they be traveling to the venue with another guest who does have a smart phone?

  • Yes, they will travel to Audi Field with another guest who does have a smartphone. 
  • Please transfer their tickets to whoever they are traveling to Audi Field with. Let’s say your Grandma doesn’t have a smartphone, but she is coming to Audi Field with your Uncle who does. Transfer two tickets to your Uncle. On the day of the event he will have two tickets on his account, scanning one ticket for your Grandma, and the other for himself.

No, they will travel to Audi Field by themself.

  • Do they have an email address? 
  • If your guest has an email address, please transfer a ticket to them. They can log into their account via a computer or tablet to claim their ticket, and then visit the Services window on the day of the event with a photo ID that matches the name on their ticket account. 

Why should my guests save tickets to their mobile wallet? 

  • Saving tickets to your digital wallet before arriving at Audi Field ensures you can access your ticket should you lose wireless or WiFi service. It will also prevent you from needing to log into your account to pull up your ticket while standing in line. 
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to save tickets to your Apple Wallet
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to save tickets to your Android Google Pay

I’m still confused on how to log into my account, transfer tickets, or save to my mobile wallet

  • Please email events@dcunited.com and make sure to include “Graduation Tickets” in the subject line. 

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