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E.L. Haynes Launches Attendance Initiatives to Boost Learning

Coming to school every day on time improves student performance at all levels. Good attendance helps students build important bonds and connections with classmates and teachers, and can lead to greater academic, professional, and personal growth. Great attendance isn’t always easy to achieve — it requires effort from everyone in our community. This year, we are recognizing students, teachers, and families who contribute to excellent attendance.

Celebrating Our Community

Beginning this month we will regularly honor students with high in-seat attendance (ISA) through two new honorary titles: Attendance Ambassadors (95% or higher ISA) and Attendance Accelerators (90-94% ISA). We will acknowledge these students, along with homerooms and advisories with high attendances, their teachers, and their families through a series of special activities, shout-outs, and gift card prizes. 


We will celebrate individual students and homerooms / advisories that achieve in-seat attendance of 90% or higher in the following ways.

  • Daily shout-outs in school announcements naming the homerooms / advisories with the highest attendance the previous day (elementary and middle school only)
  • A quarterly “Celebrating Success” shout-out bulletin board that lists all Attendance Ambassadors and Accelerators for the quarter (elementary and middle school only)
  • Quarterly attendance festivity for the top five homerooms / advisories with in-seat attendance of 90% or higher
  • In the spring, all students who have maintained 90% in-seat or attendance or higher will receive non-transferable tickets to their school’s attendance dance and brunch with their principal.


For our youngest learners, getting to school on time every day requires extra support. To recognize the special role that families play in attendance at our elementary school, we will give families the chance to win one of five $25 Visa gift cards every month and every quarter. To be entered in the raffle, their child must be in a Homeroom that achieved 90% or higher in-seat attendance for the previous month or quarter.


Teachers play an important role in creating learning environments that excite students to come to school every day, and in building strong connections with families. We will reward teachers who go above and beyond to boost attendance in the following ways:

  • Gift card prizes for teachers whose Homeroom / Advisory earns 90% in-seat attendance for the month or quarter.
  • Gift card prizes for teachers who regularly connect with families within two days of an absence and document their engagement in our school engagement system.

And the Attendance Awareness Month Art Contest Winner Is…

Lastly, we want to say THANK YOU to the 17 students who participated in our Attendance Awareness Month Art Contest. The poster that received the greatest number of votes was created by students in Mr. Craig’s 5th-grade class: Yessenis B.-M., Yesica M., Angelina C., and Kennedy W. See their beautiful artwork below! 

Student artwork by Yessenis B.-M., Yesica M., Angelina C., and Kennedy W.

We look forward to spotlighting all of this year’s submissions on our social media channels throughout the school year. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

September Shout-Outs

Congratulations to all our students, teachers, and families who helped us achieve excellent attendance together during September!

Homeroom / Advisory with the highest in-seat attendance for the rate of September:

  • Elementary School: Grizzly Bears (95.8% ISA)
  • Middle School: Mr. Baggett’s Advisory (97.9% ISA)
  • High School: Mr. Hunt’s Advisory (97.4% ISA)

Elementary School parents who won a $25 Visa gift card:

  • Francisco Hernandez-Salazar 
  • Ella Barnes-Williams
  • Destiny M. Thompson
  • Isayana Lopez Cruz
  • Veronica Alvarenga

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