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Our Top 22 Highlights From Last Year

Since E.L. Haynes was founded in 2014, we have achieved many memorable milestones, developed cherished traditions, and built a learning and working community that supports every student and staff member to thrive. While we were excited to return to in-person learning last year, we know it was a challenging year. And despite everything, we made it through—together.

See our top 22 highlights from the past year!

1) Every elementary school student received individualized “What I Need” sessions. These small-group time blocks boosted learning by allowing students to work on different independent and teacher-led activities.

2) During our middle school Art Haus event, students reflected on what they have in common with our namesake, Dr. Euphemia Lofton Haynes

3) Our College Office hosted the second Annual Sophomore Career Exploration Day, featuring career panels based on student interest, mock interviews, and more.

4) Our Middle School Soccer team competed under the lights of Audi Field in the DC SCORES Capitol Cup. 

5) Our Girls Varsity Volleyball team hosted and won the first-ever E.L. Haynes Invitational Tournament. 

6) Our Boys Varsity Soccer team won the 8th Annual Petworth Cup.

8) High school student leaders worked with English Teacher Topher Kandik to host a “Speak Truth” event. Leaders facilitated discussions for more than 35 students about language in the LGBTQIA+ community, food service at E.L. Haynes, and appropriation in the fashion industry.

8) Elementary school students helped create their classrooms’ guiding principles by sharing their hopes and dreams, including what they would need to do in order to achieve them this school year.

9) Middle school grade-level restorative circles provided a brave space for students and adults to talk through shared challenges, strengthen relationships, and create a system of accountability.

10) Staff from all three campuses reconnected after the summer break to prepare for SY22-23 during our All-Staff Institute. 

11) Hundreds of families enjoyed a day of play, great food, vaccines, and free school supplies at our Back-To-School Kickback and Cookout in August. 

12) Our annual Mutual Aid Drive, hosted by our Wellness Team, gave families an opportunity to get and give support for the holiday season.

13) During last year’s middle school Art Haus / Wellness Day, students explored different interests and hobbies—including art projects, music lessons, movements and exercise!

14) Last spring, students in our League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC) chapter participated in Say Yes to the Prom, a program that blends mentoring with a free shopping spree that provides a dress or tuxedo, shoes, accessories, and make-up.

15) Our elementary school launched its in-house Saturday Soccer Program, which served 140 students as they learned dribbling, passing, and kicking skills through coaching and cooperative play.

16) The E.L. Haynes Class of 2022 achieved the highest graduation rate in our school’s history.

17) Our elementary school relaunched the Student Government Association and elected a President, Vice President, Sergeant-At-Arms, Chief of Staff, Treasurer, Secretary, and Speaker of the House.

18) Our high school resumed after-school clubs and activities including sports, Photography Club, Nail Tech Club, Crowned, Boys to Men, Cooking Club, and many more.

19) This year, our College Office coordinated student visits at Albright College, Winston Salem State University, Rutgers University, Millersville University, Ramapo College, Montclair State, Wake Forest University, University of North Carolina Greensboro, Guilford College, Muhlenberg College, and more. 

20) E.L. Haynes alumni DiAnté, Eddie, Herson, Isaiah, and Jimmy all rejoined our community as staff members. These alumni actively work across all three campuses helping build true and long-lasting school culture.

21) Members of our High School AP Translator Club provided interpretation services for all three campuses and served as tutors across all of our high school content areas.

22) Middle school students competed at the One World Challenge, where they delivered presentations on topics like racism in schools, reducing plastic waste, protecting refugees, cyberbullying, and more.

As we move forward, we hold our values.

Though in many ways our lives have returned to “a new normal,” what is happening inside E.L. Haynes’ walls is anything but business as usual. We look forward to a 2023 full of being kind, working hard, and getting smart. Make a donation today to support our work in the year to come.

Help us create a more just and kind world.