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The Teacher Selection Process

At E.L. Haynes, we proactively recruit, intentionally develop, and deeply value all members of our diverse and highly talented staff community. Our work environment fosters inclusion and authenticity, supporting all staff to thrive in their roles and maximize their impact on students.

To make sure our students receive the best education possible, we value getting to know candidates using different evaluative methods. The chart below provides a quick snapshot of our Instructional Candidate Selection Process, which generally lasts three to five weeks.

What You Can Expect

Step 1: Complete an Online Application via TalentEd

View all open positions and submit your written application via the E.L. Haynes TalentEd Hire page.

Step 2: Submit a One-Way Video Interview

We utilize one-way interviews to provide you with the flexibility to submit responses on your own time before a designated deadline. We conduct these interviews through Spark Hire, our virtual interview platform. You will receive an invitation and instructions via email. We will ask you to respond to a few questions using a computer webcam or mobile device. As you prepare for your video interview, check out these interview tips.

Step 3: Teaching Demonstration and Interviews

As part of the final stage, candidates will deliver a demonstration lesson on the date of their in-person panel interview. Candidates will meet with a selection panel composed of current staff with a connection to the role to debrief the lesson and engage in a two-way interview, during which candidates can ask questions. 

In most cases, interviews are conducted in person to give candidates an opportunity to see our school community in action. In special circumstances, interviews may be conducted over Zoom.

Step 4: Reference Checks

E.L. Haynes will contact your references. 

Step 5: Job Offer Sent

If you are selected for hire, you will receive the official job offer electronically via email.

What We Consider “Teaching Experience”

Our compensation process evaluates candidates based on their total years of teaching experience. See below for details about what counts as teaching experience and what does not.

Considered “Teaching Experience”Considered “Teaching Experience”
Teaching experience in a Pre-K through 12 school setting (in the US or an international school)

Instructional leadership in a Pre-K through 12 school setting

Instructional support experience at E.L. Haynes (Note: this experience will be prorated, e.g. 0-2 years of experience will be placed on Step 1, and 3-5 years will be placed on Step 2)
Less than 50% of a school year 
Tutoring experience
Daycare experience
Homeschool teaching experience
University- or College-level teaching experience
Resident, fellow, and/or student-teaching experience
Substitute teaching

Receiving an Offer

Congratulations on making it this far! If you are selected for the position, you will receive an email and phone call from your hiring manager. Your offer letter will include important information including your salary, benefits, and start date information.

Teacher Compensation Scale

In July 2022, we unveiled our new teacher compensation scale, which features starting salaries beginning at $65,000. After months of community engagement, and in alignment with our 2025 Strategic Plan, we anchored this new compensation structure to align with the following guiding principles:

  • Competitive: We offer salaries that are competitive in the DC market for similar roles, and we regularly reassess to make sure we remain competitive over time.
  • Transparent: We openly share our compensation structure, and we provide clarity so that our staff understand their compensation and the investments made in them.
  • Fair and Consistent: We make sure employees within the same position are compensated fairly and consistently, and we regularly review our data to ensure staff do not experience differences in compensation based on gender, race, and other demographic factors.
  • Sustainable: We plan for our future and ground our investments in staff in our ability to continue doing so in future years.

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