Have a fun and safe summer break! The first day of school for the 2024-2025 School Year is Monday, August 19. See you then!

Our Curriculum

A first-class educational program for every student, every day.

When students graduate, our program helps them build the skills, knowledge, and habits to be learners, leaders, and community members.


Demonstrating mastery, curiosity, and perseverance.

Our curriculum and educational model encourages students to master the foundational concepts in core content areas, and provides a comprehensive electives program that features music, visual and performing arts, robotics, and others.


Building agency, historical perspective, and promoting justice and equity.

Whether it is cross-campus programs celebrating our students diversity and heritage, grade-level modules that are representative of our students’ identities, or our high school’s National History Day competitions or our seminal experiential learning opportunity, the Civil Rights Tour of the South, our students build the skills to lead in an ever-changing and globalized world.

elementary student friends hug on the playground
Community Members

Exhibiting kindness, social intelligence, and intercultural competence.

Our students strive to recognize their individualism and the important role they play as part of a diverse community. This is grounded in kindness, care, and building positive relationships.

Help us create a more just and kind world.