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Strategic Plan: 2020-2025

Our Next Chapter

When we opened our doors in 2004 to our first 139 students, we had a vision for a school that did more—that served all students, no matter their backgrounds, and prepared them to succeed in college. Since those first days, we have served thousands more students and families, and we could not be more proud of the work we have accomplished.

The E.L. Haynes Graduate Profile

Defining the characteristics of an E.L. Haynes graduate.

Our new graduate profile will drive the decisions we make across our Pre-K through 12th grade curriculum and the defining learning experiences and opportunities every student will have as an E.L. Haynes mountain lion.

Community Member

Kindness: Shows empathy and regularly helps others without expecting anything in return.

Social intelligence: Builds positive relationships and navigates group settings.

Intercultural competence: Communicates and engages effectively with people from other cultures.


Applied learning: Masters the foundational concepts in all core content areas and applies that knowledge to creatively solve real-world problems and challenges.

Curiosity: Explores new ideas, activities, and experiences, and strives to increase their own personal knowledge.

Perseverance: Works hard and finishes what is started, despite barriers and obstacles that arise.


Agency: Clarifies one’s intentions and goals, identifies necessary actions to achieve those goals, and leverages resources to accomplish stated goals.

Historical Perspective: Understands the social, cultural, intellectual, and emotional settings that shaped people’s lives and actions.

Social-Justice Orientation: Promotes justice and equity.

Help us create a more just and kind world.