E.L. Haynes provides a comprehensive, well-rounded athletics program that aligns across elementary, middle, and high school. Our athletics and fitness programs take place during the school day and outside of school hours. Our student athletes are gracious competitors who embrace challenges, win with humility, handle defeat with dignity, and are positive role models who demonstrate effort, dedication, fair play, and sportsmanship. For up-to-date information on athletics, highlights, and downloadable forms, visit



Fall Sports

Boys Varsity Soccer

Boys JV Soccer

Boys Middle School Soccer

Girls Varsity Soccer

Girls Middle School Soccer

Coed Varsity Cross Country

Coed Middle School Cross Country

Coed Middle School Flag Football

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Winter Sports

Boys Varsity Basketball

Boys JV Basketball

Boys Middle School Basketball

Girls Varsity Basketball

Girls JV Basketball

Girls Middle School Basketball

Coed Middle School Cheerleading

Coed High School Cheerleading

Coed High School Indoor Track

Spring Sports

Boys Middle School Soccer

Girls Middle School Soccer

Coed Varsity Track and Field

Coed Middle School Track and Field

Girls High School Lacrosse

Boys High School Flag Football 



All students participate in health and fitness programs during the school day, receiving weekly instruction in physical and health education. Additionally, elementary students enjoy 30 minutes of daily recess and 60 minutes of dance weekly.  We offer nutritional education that includes enjoyable, developmentally-appropriate, culturally-relevant activities such as school gardens and cooking classes. We are a junk-food free school, and all food and beverages served at E.L. Haynes meet the nutritional recommendations for the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans. We ensure that all students have access to healthy meals including breakfast and lunch. We are proud to partner with Revolution Foods for food service. For more about them, visit