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Elementary School Pick-Up Pilot Program Overview

Beginning May 8, 2023 Kindergarten families will need to scan their ID using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal app when picking up their student. This new process will strengthen our student safety system by better tracking when students get picked up, and making sure they are picked up only by people who are approved. This new pick-up process ONLY applies to Kindergarten families during the 2022-2023 School Year. After we test this system with Kindergarten families, we will launch this new process for all elementary school students beginning next school year. 

We will reach out to Kindergarten families during and after the pilot program to get feedback.

How Kindergarten Families Can Prepare

Step 1: Download the Infinite Campus Parent Portal App

If you have not already, parents / guardians of Kindergarten students should download the Infinite Campus Parent Portal app onto their phone, and make sure the icon is easily accessible for a smooth pick-up.

Step 2: Log In to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal App

After downloading the app, make sure your login credentials are up-to-date, and select “Keep me logged in” so you do not have to log in every time. This will save you time and keep pick-up stress-free. When logging in for the first time on your app, select the following options:

  • District Name: E.L. Haynes
  • State: Washington, DC
  • School: E.L. Haynes Elementary School

Step 3: Get to Know the Parent Portal App

Before May 8, take a few minutes to get to know the app and find your digital ID. 

NOTE: If you have multiple students, you will need to select the correct student (the one in Kindergarten) using the button in the upper-right corner of your screen. 

Step 4: Make Your Pick-Up Approval Plan

Make a plan for who you should have approval to pick your child. See below for more information.

Planning for Pick-Up Approval

We understand that other family and friends may need to pick up your student. Granting approval for others ahead of time will help make sure your child remains safe after leaving school. 

To help families make their pick-up approval plan, we recommend thinking through who needs to pick your child on a regular basis, and what levels of information you want them to have. 

To give approval to other family members and friends, contact the Elementary School front office by phone at 202.667.4446, or email Sebastien Durand at

Approval TierRelationship to StudentLevel of Access to Student DataFrequency
of Pick-Up
Pick-Up Instructions
1Parent or GuardianFull accessRegular basisScan their digital ID; Parents / Guardians may EITHER share a login, or request a second login (contact the front office)
2ANon-Parent / Guardian with full data accessFull accessRegular basisScan a digital ID using the Parent / Guardian login credentials
2BNon-Parent / Guardian with limited data accessLimited accessRegular basisCheck in at the front desk to receive a physical badge, the adult keeps the badge for future pick-ups
2CSibling (student or adult)Limited accessRegular basisCheck in at the front desk to receive a temporary badge, the sibling returns the badge immediately after scanning
3Non-Parent / Guardian / Sibling (one time only)Limited accessOne time onlyCheck in at the front desk, who will assist with pick-up

Please email Sebastien Durand, Elementary School Operations Manager, at with any questions.

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