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Student Device and Technology Policy

December 3, 2020

Dear E.L. Haynes Families,

E.L. Haynes transformed in the 20-21 school year to provide students with an effective online learning experience using a combination of 1:1 technology, a new learning management system, hotspot programs, and increased technical support. 

The school has invested in more than 1,200 devices for deployment to students as a result of the move to virtual instruction. Each device provides students with access to online learning platforms, video conferencing tools, our new learning management system, and other apps. To ensure that students receive the best experience with online learning, the technology department must successfully maintain and support these devices for their full life cycle. 

Families must take good care of their technology as outlined in the following policy document to ensure that we can continue to support every student’s equitable access to online learning and the educational tools that the school provides. If every family does their part to properly care for and use their technology, the school can continue to provide robust tools and support so that every student has access to the best learning resources available. Please read the enclosed policy for more information. Thank you.


Basil Chawkat

Director of Information Technology

Student Device and Technology Policy 

E.L. Haynes provides every student a Chromebook or Chrome Tablet for his or her use at school and home.  The school also provides mobile cellular hotspots upon request to assist students at home with internet access. While we are pleased to make these tools available to students, we also understand that families are concerned about keeping them secure and in good working order. Like any other school-issued property, students and families are responsible for taking appropriate care of these resources.  

Damage, Loss, and Theft

Students and families will be held responsible for the general care and upkeep of their devices, and accessories WHICH INCLUDES CHARGERS. Failure to do so will result in the penalties listed in the “Damage, Theft, and Loss Fees” table listed below.  The Damage, Theft and Loss Cost Schedule is determined within a single school year. 

Students and families MUST repair their devices with the E.L. Haynes technology department and NEVER through a third party vendor as this will void most warranties purchased for school technology. Failure to do so will result in cost to the student/family. 


Incidents of vandalism to E.L. Haynes technology will be determined by the E.L. Haynes IT Department. Obvious acts of graffiti, defacing the devices, damaging devices, or other methods of purposefully destroying devices will be considered vandalism. The use of stickers on Chromebooks is prohibited, due to the damage caused by adhesives. Any use of stickers or hotglue / craft glue on Chromebooks themselves will be considered vandalism. Writing directly onto the devices and their parts with marker, paint, or other permanent ink is also considered vandalism. Decorations only on individually purchased cases for the Chromebooks is acceptable.

Damage, Theft, and Loss Fees

(per school year)
DamageVandalismLoss / Theft
1st Time$0$50$0
2nd Time$50$300 for total Chromebook replacement$300 for total Chromebook replacement
3rd or More Time$300 for total Chromebook replacementsame as abovesame as above

Power Adaptors: Lost or Damaged

IncidentLoss / Damage
1st Time$0
Additional Incidents$45


IncidentLoss / Damage
1st Time$0
Additional Incidents$75

Student Personal Responsibility

Each student assigned technology by the school is personally responsible at all times for the care of that device. Students should not loan their devices to other students to use for school or otherwise, any damage incurred during that time is the sole responsibility of the student originally assigned that device. Students who leave their devices unattended are also responsible for any damage incurred.  

Device Lifecycle and Refresh Schedule

E.L. Haynes technology follows a regularly scheduled refresh lifecycle. Student Chromebooks and computer devices are replaced every four (4) years. Students will be notified at the end of their device’s lifecycle to be prepared to turn in their current device for a new device. 

Students in Pre-K and Kindergarten will be provided with Chrometablets as part of their 1:1 device assignments that they will need to exchange for new chromebooks when they transition to 1st grade.

Please note that these devices are owned solely by the school, they are not the property of the student/family that they are assigned to. The school reserves the right to request the devices returned at any time it sees fit.

Return of School Property 

Students will retain their original Chromebook each year while enrolled at E.L. Haynes Public Charter School. Students will not need to turn in their devices at the end of each school year unless instructed to by the IT department.  

Any student who withdraws/transfers from E.L. Haynes will be required to return their Chrome device, hotspot, and any accessories. If a Chrome device and accessories are not returned, the parent/guardian will be held responsible for payment in full.

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