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SY 2023-24 Credit Recovery Policy

Credit Recovery

Students are eligible for credit recovery after they failed to earn a credit in the assigned course. This can be for semester or year-long courses. E.L. Haynes offers credit recovery courses throughout the school day during the week. They are under the supervision of an E.L. Haynes teacher. Courses are done self-paced and online, and a student must demonstrate mastery of the course. A student demonstrates mastery of the course through completing the unit lessons, taking notes and keeping a binder that will be checked weekly. Students are also expected to take and pass exams throughout the units. Students are given a grade based on the unit and exam scores. E.L. Haynes may offer support of a tutor or teacher outside of school or during the day if the student’s needs are not met and they need additional assistance.

E.L. Haynes accepts recovery credits for students who have completed the course at E.L. Haynes but did not earn a passing grade. Students may earn recovery credits from an approved credit bearing institution. Credit bearing institutions include:

  • E.L. Haynes PCS
  • D.C. Public Schools
  • Summer School offered by an accredited school (e.g. another D.C. Charter School, independent school or parochial school)
  • Nationally accredited program, including online and correspondence courses

Students seeking credit recovery must be enrolled in a course that corresponds to the E.L. Haynes’s course failed. It is the student’s responsibility to enroll in the appropriate courses at an approved institution. However, students must seek approval from the Principal before enrolling in any courses outside of E.L. Haynes to ensure that the course meets the school’s credit transfer requirements and graduation criteria. Credit will be awarded for recovery courses according to the Transfer Credit Policy section in the School Handbook. Students seeking transfer of credit recovery courses will be reviewed on an individual basis by E.L. Haynes administration.

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